about alex soft company - Practical problem solving

Our team

We have a list of talented to optimize your business because we care about youth and creativity as much as we care about expertise. So, our team is a group of young that creative, ambitious individuals and talented they can take serious steps towards practical problem-solving. We gathering between those features and expertise more than 10 years in the technology market In the middle east.

Practical problem solving for your business is our specialty with advanced techniques, no matter what it is. We think that everyone has a special role that able him to make a difference. So, collaborating with ourselves and learning from each one of us, gives us the ability to solve problems too.

Hence, it’s obvious that our company team is very creative and looking forward to what’s next.


We are looking forward to being one of the greatest technology companies all over the world. Achieving this goal by invented and improve the technology for our company to help others solve their business problems.

We have a strong belief that the best value comes from making other better by helping them, not just making better things.


We are glad to help every institution to improve its business and solve your own problems, by using technology tools in marketing and management so briefly. Our mission is your continued success.

Accordingly, practical problem solving is our main mission for optimizing your business and provide many solutions for you. and as a result, that will lead you to boost your business.

Our tools

We use a lot of tools in different fields for instance:

  • In Digital marketing: we are using Google AdWords, Facebook business and Twitter.
  • In building websites: we are using WordPress, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Desktop Apps: we are using Visual Basic, C#, Access, SQL Server and Crystal Reports.
  • In digital and video design: we are using Photoshop, illustrator and after effect.
  • Mobile Apps: we are using Kotlin.
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