about alex soft company - Practical problem solving

Make your business smarter!

Our company provides business solutions, specialists in information technology fields such as Software, Web design, and development, E-marketing, Graphic designs, social media, SEO.

to make the technology reachable for all and easy to use in business. The way that makes your business grow and overcome obstacles in marketing, especially digital marketing, so We are here and glad to help by using technology tools in marketing and management so briefly.
Our mission is your continued success.

why Alex soft?

5 factors that make us your best choice.

  • We create a perfect code

so, that it works on all platforms We take the time to deliver

code that is compatible with all tools using the latest programming languages.

to open perfectly at any browser, we think your website should load properly everywhere.

  • We work honestly

We believe in doing business with integrity and complete honesty. Our goal is your interest, we will not sell you something you do not need, and we will not seek a Gain that we do not deserve. with us, you will surround yourself with expert people.

  • When you talk we listen

First, by listening we strive to understand your business goals & challenges.

Then As a digital marketing agency, decisions are made these

goals are kept in mind and we come up with a lot of improvement ideas for you

  • We know SEO & content marketing.

We are distinguished by an integrated team of designers, website developers,

and SEO specialists so that you can get a Google-friendly website

and get rank in google search pages easily among competitors

  • Time is Money

time is worth more than money for your business and our agency. so, We Deliver On Time

and set realistic deadlines (for ourselves and for our clients)

and stick to them. then, the project gets launched by the agreed launch date perfectly.

Our team

Our team is a group of young, creative, ambitious individuals and talented people who can take serious steps towards practical problem-solving. We gathered between those features and expertise for more than 20 years in the digital marketing field In the middle east.

Our specialty

Software development and digital marketing are the best tools to develop your business. our specialty with advanced tools and digital marketing ideas, strategies, plans that enable us to make a difference.
So, learning from each other gives us the ability to exceed expectations.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to being one of the greatest technology companies in Alexandria and Egypt as well. Achieving this goal by inventing and improving the technology for our company to help others solve their marketing issues.

Our believes

We have a strong belief that the best value comes from making others better by helping them, not just making better things.We believe in your project & your dream and our ability to achieve the goal .

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