account manager

Account manager : long time ago since 2000 we published Account manager V 1.0 which is targeting small shops you can then record your purchases , sales and expenses so the software can make reports like inventory and items card …. So on

Then from the feedback we get we improved the software to V 2.0 witch is included more details about money transactions and other details, then V 3.0 which provide everything you can imagine for small commercial business such like :

  • Suppliers & Customers account
  • Stock ( with last price and with average )
  • Item’s card
  • Treasury balance & details sheet
  • Two unites for items
  • Including services as items
  • New approach to manage expired date
  • Sells person’s report ( sells & payments )
  • Item’s integration

And much more details you can contact form to get your free trial copy (Ask for trail copy)

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