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SEO “ Search Engine Optimization “ basically when you build your website you should build it to two kinds of eyes ( people and Search engines ), maybe its design and content readable for people but if search engines can’t read it right, it will never be visible for them when people “ Google it “
Even if you made paid ads it will cost more than if it readable for search engines.

So we optimize your website to be readable for both search engine and people by using SEO service in two stages
– Stage one: inner planning which is working on programming code “ keywords, meta tags, URL, Description, image Alt, sitemap, Verification, Brocken and dead links and webmaster tools “

– Stage two: publishing “backlinks, articles, links …. so on “

Influence your site visibility

Google Algorithm working hard on filtering SERP (search engine result page) to provide related results to the searchers. Then we start in publishing your products or your services, taking into consideration SEO marketing strategy. Make your site visible takes more time than Google Ads.


Your brand will be unknown if it is not visible. SEO can make your brand familiar to the customers and when they see your business trademark anywhere, they will remember your business and what you offer.

  • SEO makes your site visible.
  • Users start to recognize your brand and your products and/or services.
  • Then when they see that you offer real value.
  • They will get used to coming to you constantly every time they look for something related to what you offer.
  • It follows that, widening the number of the site users.

Promote your site credibility

Search Engine Optimization has the ability to optimize your site for users and search engine.  Which mean, Search Engine Optimization service helps you in generating more leads, this result does not materialize immediately after using the first steps in SEO strategy but it takes more time (SEO is a long-term process) to enable Google bots of crawling and indexing your site.

Increase your site traffic

To give your site the chance to receive traffic, SEO is a good option for it. SEO strategy can help you in optimizing your website for search engines. We can do this process so easily by optimizing your site content, images, and videos to make them valuable that will increase your site authority. This will lead Google to nominate you for visitors who are looking for the same product or service you offer.

Return on Investment (ROI)

SEO can give you a good return on investment in comparison to the advertising system.

To enable your site to reach your targeted audience, SEO has that mechanism by using marketing keyword research. To drag the right customers we choose the right keywords that represent users’ intent and relevant to your site subject.

Basic SEO
Meta tags, description, keywords, URL optimization, image alt, sitemap, registration in google and yahoo and Bing, fix broken and bad links
Advanced SEO
3000 per month
New articles, backlinks white hate and publish the site on groups and forums

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