Social media Marketing Service

Our team helps you to reach your potential customers. Those users all over the internet need to be redirected to your platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram. To reach them, redirect them, and create content that is relevant to their interests, you must follow a consistent path to achieve your expectations.

we help you to reach your goal of social media marketing

  • Engagement growing
  • Promoting your business
  • Boost sales
  • Achieve your business goal.

Via our social media services, we can

  • Choosing the appropriate marketing channels for marketing your product or service.
  • Develop an action plan and strategy to manage all your social media channels.
  • Studying and analyzing competitors and providing alternative suggestions.
  • Write unique content that suits your audience persona.
  • Unique designs that fit your field and attract followers.
  • Creating and managing advertising campaigns.

online session & workshop consultation

Consultation service and workshops, especially for small and private projects to help in marketing through social media. Step-by-step assistance includes studying, analyzing, and building the basic idea to what remains feasible in reality with a specialist in digital marketing. this service includes

  • assistance in opening an advertising account.
  • choosing a payment method.
  • running an advertising campaign.
  • how you follow the development of your advertising campaign.

We do not use the package system

Because we believe that every customer has special needs in his marketing plan.

Choose your Social media marketing services plan

Full social page management services

Full management includes strategy plan, designs, writing content and advertisements, and page identity, Plan details:-

  • Creating a strategic plan and studying competitors
  • Creating page identity “Profile, cover Design”.
  • adjusting page’s settings, and automatic message reply.
  • includes designing and writing the content of the posts.
  • 8 posts /month ” can be increased at an extra cost.”
  • video editing services can be added to the plan at “an extra cost”.
  • Create and manage advertising campaigns at “no extra cost”.
  • Develop an action plan at the beginning of the contract.
  • Analytical report at the end of each month.
  • Special designs for religious and national occasions as an extra gift.
  • we help your sales team to manage customer data for follow up & re-market.

Social campaigns

advertising campaigns on social media with a specific goal and within a specified time plan details:

  • suitable For seasonal marketing plan.
  • suitable For Promotion periods, offers, and discounts, such as Black Friday
  • Advertising for exhibitions and events
  • Available “ designing and writing content of the ads campaigns” at extra cost.
  • Create and manage advertising campaigns at a fee of 25% of the total budget.

online session & workshop

  • Workshop service to help choose the appropriate marketing plan for your project.
  • Online consulting service to help you implement advertising campaigns.

it includes

  • assistance in opening an advertising account.i
  • chose a payment method.
  • running an advertising campaign.
  • how you follow the development of your advertising campaign.

If still confused, what would you choose? or have any questions?

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